ISO 10646 fonts in GTK+

Robert Brady <> writes:

> On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Markus Kuhn wrote:
> > Adding the Helvetica font to XFree86 is problematic at the moment,
> > because GTK+ still has two bugs that cause it to break horribly when
> > helvetica-*-iso10646-1 is only present in the server ... :-(   (bug
> > report already submitted last week, but no reply yet.)
> If it's not too much trouble, can somebody try the attached patch against
> GTK+? I think that it will break support for CJK, but it might otherwise
> work. (It ought to just pretend that the iso10646-1 font is an iso8859-1
> font).

This patch cannot go into GTK+-1.2 because a number of 
applications depend on the fact gdk_draw_text() (etc.) 
treat there input as 16 bit strings when drawing 
16 bit fonts.

GTK+ 1.4 will have a complete revision of text handling
(see - 
probably this library is going to be renamed from "GScript" to 
"PanGo"). The demo app for this already handles 
subset 10646 fonts, font switching, accent composition,

> If it does work, probably a medium-term hack would involve forcing 
> *-iso10646-1 fonts to have their ranges set to 0x0000 to 0x00ff in GDK 
> somewhere. Would this be an acceptable solution for 1.2?

That is closer to being acceptable, but I believe the correct
solution is simply to specify the encoding for the fonts
that GTK+ loads by default; having it as a wildcard really
never made sense (I can conceive of people using this to
get their native character set by arranging their font path,
but that was 

Some theme files may also need fixing in a similar fashion.

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