Re: segmention fault without -O flag?

Rasca Gmelch <> writes:

> hi,
> if i compile my program without the -O flag the program receives
> a seg. fault on startup. i use the egcs 2.91.66 with linux
> kernel 2.2.11 and gtk+ 1.2.3. any ideas? the gdb trace is below:

It is very unlikely that changing the optimization flags
for your program (not GTK+) would cause a segfault
this far inside of GTK+ unless you are corruptiing memory,
or the stack. This kind of problem can be hard to track
down, but one thing you can do is try commenting out
parts of your program and seeing when the problem

If it is a GTK+ problem, we would need to see a stack trace
from a GTK+ built with debugging, or better, source
code that reproduces the problem to have any hope
of tracking down the problem. GtkImage is admittedly
not a very commonly used widget, though I can't see
anything in gtk_image_expose() that would cause this
type of problem.


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