hi gtk+ developers,
i'm the author of gtk+ magic / gmagic and want to tell
you that i'm very interested in integration gtkmagic in
the main source tree.
i just released a first preview of the database and
the realtime config environment in gtk+. If you have
any question about it, just tell me. The documentation
about the concept and the ideas haven't been started
writing yet.
At the moment, I'm working on a very comprehensive and
easy-to-use gui for the configurator. As a second part
in my spare time i collected many ideas about future
desktop concepts.
So I really don't know how working in a team, especially
in gtk+, is done and what it is all about.
I want to integrate the gmagic client code in gtk+ and
need help in the decision about using GtkArgs or my currently
used GtkProp. As a second, I patched some stuff like

GtkButton.... set_border

I just realized, that in some widgets a border shadow-style
should be configurable and choosable to have complete aspects
of the drawing.

As a second point in my investigation, I have the problem, that
I just can't set the exact Button's Label text-style or just
change all GtkLabel styles through my current mechansim. I thought
about a GtkContainer::child_proplist property for my database...o( think?!)

Perhaps you don't know exactly what I'm talking about, as a gtk+ developer
you know very good the widget-class hierarchy and this way my config-tool
can elp to play around with the GtkStyle structure, GtkContainer's border-width
and GtkButton's shadow-style (which is also a patch for drawing of GtkButton's

Hmm... tell me please, if it is ok for you all, that i try to integrate it -
i know, there are ideas about making a gtk+ module out of it but I'm not sure
if it really works.

here is the gmagic/gtk+ magic support site

so long,

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