xinput-bug in gtk+ 1.2.3

Lately i got a brandnew intuos A4 oversize and tried it with gimp immediately.
I found that it is too big for painting - the ways are too long.
So i changed my XF86Config to reduce the size of the active area of the intuos
( this are the TopX ... Tokens in the XInput section).
X and the core pointer are happy with this, but gimp always paints very far away from
the position of the cursor (painting position is always more top and left).
I changed the "scribble-simple"- example to support xinput and the effekt is the same.
So I am sure it´s gtk+ and not gimp containing the bug.
I append my XF86Config and my scribble-simple.c to this mail.
greetings from berlin,
                       Stefan Runkel
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