Re: Pie menus need gdk addons

Tim Janik writes:
 > allthough there isn't much enthusiasm found for pie menus amongst the core
 > Gtk+ developers,

Not all implementations of pie menus are worthy of enthusiasm.  Have
they seen Daniel Skarda's implementation, linked off of his home page
at ?  He did a very good
job with his implementation.

I can easily imagine a configuration flag which turns popup menus into
pie menus.  They look and work better if the programmer has a way to
hint which compass direction the menu item should appear at (ignored
if the menu is linear).

 > warping the pointer is a) a seldomly used "feature" and b) often very
 > irritating to the user, which is pretty much why Gdk doesn't currently
 > contain this function.

Gratuitious warps definitely *are* annoying.  Pie menus have to warp a
little when needed to move the pointer away from the edge.  The menu
selection process needs space for the pointer to move in all
directions for all but two-item menus.

 > however, i think that the X interface for warping a pointer is overly
 > complicated (or "featurefull") and if at all, we should only provide
 > something as simple as:
 > gdk_pointer_warp (gboolean relative_move, guint x, guint y);
 > thit will warp the pointer to a position either relative to the root window's
 > origin or relative to its current position.

That would be sufficient.  Should I recode gdk_window_pointer_warp to
work as described above?

 > > void
 > > gtk_window_set_win_position (GtkWidget *widget,
 > > 			     gint	     x,
 > > 			     gint	     y)
 > what is this function meant to do? if you simply want to move a toplevel
 > gtk widget, gtk_widget_set_uposition() might be what you are looking for.

It was intended to allow a negative x and y to work, however, it's
never called with a negative x or y, so it's not needed.

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