Re: PATCH: Re: Gtk-CRITICAL error

Tim Janik <> writes:

> On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Iain wrote:

> in general, there is no need to additionally prefix warnings, errors
> messages, etc... with the program name.
> through the log domains, we already feature specific compile time log
> layers. if the panel or other applications want their own warnings
> to appear prefixed, just define -DG_LOG_DOMAIN=\"PANEL\" upon their
> compilation.

Actually, no, G_LOG_DOMAIN doesn't do any good here.

Most of the warnings people see are being generated instide
of GTK+ or GDK so they will have the GTK+ or GDK
log domain. The reason why people want this is because
a bunch of progams are all sending stderr to the same log
file, and you need to figure out what program is producing
the messages.

We aren't talking about trying to distinguish what library
or app is producing the messages within the same process.


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