Re: glib macros/includes

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Trog wrote:

> The g_string_* macros I recently added to glib for comparing strings
> require string.h to be included in glib.h.
> I haven't actually added that include statement yet, as I'd like to
> know if anyone has any objections to doing that. The alternative is
> to code the macros up as functions in gstring.c
> Thoughts?

[disclaimer: i haven't looked at the macros in questions yet]

we don't want any more includes added to glib.h, some of the existing
macros do require extra includes though, e.g. if you use the g_memmove()
macro. but since that's merely a compatibility wrapper, you'd need those
includes anyways, if using plain memmove, so this is not considered an
extra burden.

for the purpose of g_string_ functions though, these are actually meant
to be usable with plain glib.h, so to avoid extra include statements,
they should probably be defined as functions (optionally, you could still
provide the current macros, #if defined (_STRING_H)).

> -tony


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