Graph widget, assigning actions to signals

Two questions:

  Is anyone (else) working on a graph widget? I'm thinking of something
useful for drawing flowcharts, data flow diagrams, that sort of thing.
Basically a drawing area containing widgets connected by links; one or
more widgets can be selected and dragged around, with the links staying
connected. (If not, but you have some suggestions or requests for such
a widget, let me know.)

  Secondly, are there any hints for assigning events to actions in
complex widgets, or for allowing user customisation? For example, in
the graph widget above, I would like a left button drag on the
background to select the enclosed widgets, while a right button press
pops up a menu. Is there a convenient way to set this up so that users
can change these assignments if they wish? I've been looking through
the 1.2 sources, but the only example I could find seemed pretty

David Hodson  --  --  this night wounds time

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