Good OO Bindings for Gtk+

OK, several people seem interested in having good Gtk+ bindings for their
faviorite object-oriented language. I can help with this in a big way if
people tell me what they need.

What I've got:

 * A C parser. It handles almost any Unix header without changes. This is
   based on some code from CMU's Gwydion Project which I've been enhancing.
   I've tested it extensively against the Gtk+ 1.2 and Gnome 1.0 headers.
 * A C preprocessor. It co-operates with the C parser to return information
   about #define's and #include's.
 * A copy of K&R second edition.

All of my tools are free software and will be part of the GNU project. I'd
like to enhance them to read gtk/gtk.h and output a high-level,
easy-to-parse description of the objects and functions defined in the Gtk+

Here's what I guess I need to know:

 * What language do you create bindings for?
 * What tools do you use now? Can I see their input and output formats
 * Would you have any use for a high-level description of all the objects
   and functions in the Gtk+ headers?

I can get something working over a long weekend, and I need to be looking
at these problems anyway. Oh, yeah--the tools are written in my favorite OO
language, so not everyone's going to want to build them from source. They
can, however, be compiled using various GNU tools, and not that many people
would need to run them. I can also provide x86 binaries.


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