Re: glib-1.3

> That means my development has to move at the speed of the rest of
> yours, and that bothers me greatly because I think it is a far
> greater threat to our overall productivity than whether GNOME has a
> lot of users up until its next release (my attitude is: provide a
> superior product and people will have no other choice but to switch,
> but do not let the current interest level or an attempt to maintain
> a user base on a less than superior version derail the
> project--focus on the future not the past).

I see a fundamental flaw in your argument.

Various points:

	1. I do not think I am forcing anyone to use the versions we
	   are developing against, nor are the GTK+ maintainers.

	2. You are free to use Glib 1.3 features if you want.  I just
	   wont be able to use your code.

	3. It is not just a matter of a user base.  It is the matter
	   that tracking development versions of libraries is going to
	   cause not only users but developers a headache (developers
	   happen to be users as well). 

        4. A bigger user base gives us a bigger developer base: more
	   people fixing bugs, more people reporting problems, more
	   people extending the code, more people writing new

        5. I have no plans on alienating the user and developer base

	   We did that mistake before, it is not going to happen
	   again.  I do want people to use our code, not just a
	   handful of hackers that managed to setup the system.

	   Yes, it is possible to set your proposed scheme up.  But
	   history and statistics will tell you that this population
	   is rather limited.

	   Look at it this way: until very very recently, I did not
	   even have a full GNOME setup in my machine due to the
	   constant brokeness of the various components.  Ironic.

The flaw in your argument is that you ignore the fact point (4).

Seriously Josh.  How long can it take you to add autoconf tests for
Glib 1.2 to your project?  10 minutes?  If you do so, you will
potentially increase your user base and hacker base. 

Here is my offer: if you can not hack the thing in 10 minutes, I will
do it for you.

> I am completely tired of special-case configuration hacks in my own
> programs to deal with my glib troubles.

If the world was perfect, we would be running something like Plan9:
everything will be on /bin, you would just have one include file, and
there would be no problems with libraries.  Alas, we deal with a
different world.

Best wishes, 

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