Re: Am I too impatient? was: [PATCH] Wheel mice (try one)

On 5 Apr 1999, Martin Soto wrote:
> Nils Philippsen <> writes:
> > A week ago I submitted a patch to this list and still haven't received an
> > answer to it yet. This confuses me a bit, I was sure that this is the
> > right list to post patches for gtk+ (or should it go to gtk-list?)

> Don't worry, you're not the only one :-).  I wonder what the
> right list is for submiting or announcing patches to gtk+.

Quoting from gtk+/README:



Patches can be uploaded to the incoming/ directory on  Please follow the instructions there, and include
your name and email address in the README file.

If the patch fixes a bug, it is usually a good idea to include
all the information described in "How to Report Bugs".


Looking at the FTP site, it seems you upload the patch and README to, and send the README to


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