Re: Text mode gtk

On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 11:40:29AM -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Hmmm, I'm not sure how to be polite about this...
>  Importance of keeping GTK+ working nicely in GUI mode 99.999%
>  Importance of getting GTK+ working in text mode 0.001%
> At least from my perspective (I'm only one of the GTK+ developers)
> I'm basically not interested in making any changes to GTK+
> for the purposes of text mode.

(perhaps because pavel is czech and we czechs must stick together against you
weird american dudes)

I sort of agree with pavel though ... textmode gtk might be usefull in
several places ... for example at work ... I might want to work on a very
simple interface ... something that would look ok in textmode ... I can use
textmode on my server and run from school ... since at school I don't have
gtk/glib ... and running X apps from my server is just not something you want
to do if you want to stay sane ... other things are such configuration tools
or other gtk apps that I just might want to run over a modem link on my
server when I'm away ... (or in prague where I'd prolly die waiting for even
xclock to come up) ... and there are already a bunch of gtk apps that might
be usefull and would probably work fine in text mode

this may be small percentage of usage ... but it also could become large
later ... it would eliminate having to write a new UI to a program just to
make it run in textmode ...

anyway ... point is this as long as the changes are small to gtk (textmode
gdk can be distributed separately and loaded at runtime ... can't it???)

> IMO, it is simply impossible to have something be a good
> graphics mode GUI and a good text mode UI simultaneously.

it doesn't have to be perfect ... the point here is usable vs. unusable
... text mode is ugly to begin with and I haven't seen a really good textmode
UI anyway ... but having some UI is better then none ...


George Lebl <>
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