Re: gtk_type_foreach?

//On 15 Sep 1998, Marius Vollmer wrote:
//> (Johannes Keukelaar) writes:
//> > Is there any reason why there is no gtk_type_foreach function?
//> Hmm.  I'm not saying that such a function wouldn't be useful, but you
//> must be aware that most types are dynamically added to the type
//> system.  You will only find GtkFileSelection in the type list after at
//> least one GtkFileSelection widget has been created.  (Types are never
//> removed from the system, tho.)
//I could probably find a use for this sort of thing too, but, exactly as
//Tim Janik describes, it is better implemented with a "hook" function that
//allows the programmer to get notified when new types are created. 

That _could_ be enough. But you'd have to define the hook such that, at the 
time of installation, it will be called for each of the types then registered. 
(But then, your hook might depend on that it gets called for more basic types 
before it gets called for their derived types. Interesting problem.)


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