Buglets in menus

Hello, guys

There are two small bugs with menus in Gtk.  One is that you can
select menu separators -- if you bring up the menu with the mouse,
drag to a separator, and release the mouse button, the menu disappears
and the "activate" signal is emitted.  It is more annoying when you
are navigating the menus with the keyboard, since you have to "go
over" the separator to get to the next menu item.

The other bug concerns popup menus.  When you click the mouse to bring
up a popup menu, and you release the mouse quickly, the menu will stay
up.  This is OK, except that it is annoying when you actually

	1) press the mouse button and the menu comes up

	2) move the mouse quickly to a menu item you want to select

	3) release the mouse button

and this actually happens within the threshold time.  In this case,
you would want the menu item to be activated and the menu to
disappear, instead of not doing anything and staying up.  I think the
delay code should take a mouse movement distance into account as well
-- if you have moved the mouse more than N pixels when you release the
mouse, then it will be interpreted as a menu selection.


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