Patch for importing Xlib Pixmaps into Gdk Pixmaps

I submitted a patch some time ago that allowed you to import an Xlib
Pixmap into a managed GdkPixmap however I never got any feedback on it. 
I had raster forward the message to the mailing list about it a few
weeks ago before I broke down and subscribed.  :)

The nglayout mozilla has routines for generating its own Pixmaps and we
should probably have a mechanism for allowing them to be managed as
GdkPixmaps.  Obviously, this is just one example.  There are others.

On that note, there are a lot of X primitives that you can't associate
with gdk objects.  Would it be worth it to write functions to allow
this?  gdk_foreign_region_new() and whatnot?  It seems sensible.



Christopher Blizzard

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