[gtk-devel] Re: gtkstatusbar/gtkframe drawing wildly

> Take a look at the statusbar in cvs gimp.  I usize the 
> gtkstatusbar's width to 1 and it draws all over creation, 
> like under the cancel button.  (gtkstatusbar lets gtkframe
> and gtklabel do all drawing)
> Is that a bug in gtkstatusbar (do we need more code there to
> handle this) or is gtkframe and/or gtklabel?  I'm not sure
> where exactly to dig to fix this...

> Fiddling with resize stuff could fix gtkframe to draw correctly
> but we need a window in gtkstatusbar to cut off gtklabel? 

I ran in a "bug" related to this one saturday in the testgtk
proggy. I changed the gtkbuttonbox behaviour to use a window, and
I saw that test gtk was unable to draw the upper side and 
lower side of the buttons in the horizontal buttonbox.
I looked for a bug in my code for a good time and found nothing.
Then I looked in the testgtk and changed the usize() args, and
everything went right.

IMHO you can set any minimal size with usize (maybe this is the
goal of this function, I didn't have enough time to check), and
the minima provided by *_size_request() are not used.
When I used the std NO_WINDOW scheme I didn't see any problem
because the buttons were drawing on the parent window which 
didn't check anything. So the borderwidth wasn't respected.

I think this is a problem with the _size_request() stuff which is 
not used.

> This might feed into that widget/gadget discussion...

more or less... For me, using widget instead of gadget triggered
the bug.


PS: I didn't recieve any message from this list after this one, 
is it normal?

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