Re: gdate integration

Quoting Havoc Pennington (

>[...dates with such a precision are useless in everyday use...]
> Also no
> common operating system supports fraction of a second precision (or even
> enough precision to bother fooling with leap seconds).

No OS, true, but Python does and the idea is intriguing. They use a double
to store the time in seconds. This allows to specify fractions of a
second in a "natural" way (eg. when you install a timeout).

> Perhaps GAstronomicalTime should be written but I think this kind of code
> would be useless and wasteful in 99% of the cases you want GDate. Again,
> the module is intended for things like calendars, data collected on a
> daily basis, etc. - it is meant to be optimal for 95% of cases rather than
> merely adequate for 100% of cases.

I was more thinking about a general gdate class.

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