Re: tooltips on windowless widgets

>  the whole problem is I need to have "transparent widgets" ones that are
>  "drawn by the parent completely"
>  actually I'm redoing the whole thing and doing this,
>  instead of making tiles optional they will be "required" ... the tiles are
>  square, so I can make them a window owning widget ... and do alpha channel
>  drawing of the icon onto the tile ... this will get rid of that problem
>  sacrificing the ability of putting icons directly on the panel with alpha
>  channel support ... hmm .. well ... who cares ... making them windowfull
>  widgets will make the code simpler and cleaner anyhow ...

You can try a semi-hack where the parent draws everything, and then
you put an InputOnly window over the area you want to receive events
from.  Since that window is transparent, it look fine.


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