Reference Manual and copyright on sources


I think I'm going to work on the Gtk reference manual in the future.
How should I go about it, technically?  Is the .texi stuff in the Gtk
repo the canoonical source or are we moving to some other format, or

In addition, the current manual says its copyright and authored by
Peter Mattis.  Likewise, the Gtk sources are all (mostly?) copyright
Peter Mattis, Spencer Kimball and Josh MacDonald.  Do we want to keep
this?  Errm, I mean, sure, we can't remove their copyright, but I have
the feeling that the copyright situation is not in the same well
maintained state as for other GNUish projects.

I know, Peter, Spencer and Josh started it all but I think large
portions of the code are now written by other people, mostly Owen and
Tim.  The AUTHORS file has a nice list of the main contributors to
Gtk+.  Can and should we mark all source files as

 * Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Peter Mattis, Spencer Kimball and Josh MacDonald
 * Copyright (C) 1997-1998 The GTK+ Team (see the file AUTHORS)

and use "Petter Mattis and the GTK+ team" as the author of the GTK
reference manual?

I not at all sure if this legally possible or clever or whatever, I
just realized that the legal situation of GTK+ isn't very clear to me.
But it is important to get it right, IMO.  So, do I need to worry or
is everything cool?

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