Re: Possible Bug under OpenBSD?

El lun, 07-06-2004 a las 10:44, +0200, Simon Dassow escribió:
> Hi Jordi,
> I'm using the tetrinet-server 0.11 from the freebsd ports.
> With FreeBSD as (g)tetrinet client this is working... and the last time
> i tried linux it did work too.
> Any ideas?

So I understand that you're connecting to your local server. Anyway, I'm
lost here, I've taken a closer look at the code and it seems right. In
fact, I just use the g_io_channel object, there is little code from me
there. If the server is working fine for other clients, then there is a
bug in gtetrinet, but I think I'll need an OpenBSD to debug it :(

Maybe the code just doesn't work with OpenBSD, I've never written code
for it, so I'm not aware if there is some kind of incompatibility or

One advice: try disabling the channel list, in the preferences dialog.
It can crash gtetrinet when used with certain servers, it's a crappy
piece of code :)

Anyway, thanks for your bug report !! :D

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