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On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 12:39:52AM +0200, "Olivier <Staz> Lê Thanh" wrote:
> I don't know if I can mail directly to you about Tetrinet but I don't 
> look like there is any e-mail dedicaced to this project and regarding 
> the news you looked like the more active devlopper, so all my apologies 
> if I'm disturbing you. I'm also sorry if you don't understand a part of 
> what I'm saying but english is not my mother tongue.

Actually, I'm just the person who is announcing releases. :)
The correct place to contact all the authors of gtetrinet is
gtetrinet-list gnome org  I've added the list to Cc:.

> And also thanks for developping this great software.
> The little problem is about the skins sections, all the skins are down. 
> Could you please, put them again on the website or tell me another way 
> to get them ?

Unfortunately, when we took over GTetrinet, the themes were already
gone, and despite I've been trying to find them mirrored on the net, I
haven't been successful. James, do you have old themes, including some
of those listed in the themes page? Maybe we could upload some.

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