RE: [gnomemm] Gnomemm compiling problem : libgnomeprintmm

> From: Alberto Paro [mailto:alberto paro homeunix org] 
> I'll use glibmm2.3 gtk+2.3 (all cvs code) 
> I've some problems compiling:
> - libgnomeprintmm: bug gnome_print_job_constructor: seems to 
> exists a patch for this but i cannot find it.

Yes, that's why there's no tarball release yet. The patch has been rejected,
but I have made a new one, and will upload it tomorrow:

> - libbonobouimm: seems that it does not compile with Gcc 3.3 
> (I've tried 3.3.1-r1 e 3.3.1-r4)
> usr/include/orbitcpp-2.0/orbitcpp/orb-cpp/orbitcpp_compound_se
> q.h:74: error: `
>    typedef struct Bonobo::Canvas::SVPSegment
>    _orbitcpp::CompoundSeqBase<Bonobo::Canvas::SVPSegment,
>    _orbitcpp::type_seq_traits<Bonobo::Canvas::SVPSegment,
>    Bonobo::Canvas::SVPSegment, Bonobo_Canvas_SVPSegment,
>    CORBA_sequence_Bonobo_Canvas_SVPSegment,
>    (&TC_CORBA_sequence_Bonobo_Canvas_SVPSegment_struct)> 
> >::value_t' is private

That looks like this:

Please report another bug/patch if it is something else.
> I'll investigate the bug deeply.
> Thanks in advance,
> 		Alberto
> PS: i fixed some problems compiling gtkmm in Gtk::Combo. Do i 
> need a report bug?

Yes, or we will never know. See "how do I create a patch?":


Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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