[gnomemm] RE: [gtkmm] Libpanelappletmm initial cvs import

    I LOVE it!  Hiding stuff is always good (except for source code ;) and I really like
your idea.  I kind of had the same idea, just didn't know how to implement it.  Thanks
for that hint!  I'll work on that today and try to get it uploaded to CVS.


--- Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > From: Bryan Forbes [mailto:mxpxfifws yahoo com] 
> > Did you ever doubt my superior C++ skills?  Ok, haha, I 
> > doubted myself a TON, but I'm really glad it works for you.  
> > I'll get that tarball in SF incoming today.
> Excellent.
> After the tarball, here (attached) is a suggestion (see my comments) for
> making the callback even nicer. Sorry, I can't get to a real connection to
> check it in now.
> Murray Cumming
> www.murrayc.com
> murrayc usa net

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream name=main.cc

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