RE: [gnomemm] Re: [gtkmm] Libpanelappletmm initial cvs import

> Bryan Forbes <mxpxfifws yahoo com> writes:
> [on requirements for libpanelappletmm]
> > gtkmm - 2.0 (I would recommend 2.2)
> > gnomemm - 2.0
> > gconfmm - 2.0
> Does this mean libbonobo[ui]mm is not needed? I've been 
> meaning to try porting my Hardware Monitor applet, but I 
> haven't really had the time to deal with a larger dependency 
> chain. Our university project is eating up a lot of time.

No, just libgnomemm and gconfmm, and I'm not sure that it should even have
libgnomemm as a dependency. Libbonobo*mm is definitely not needed at the
moment. It should be very easy - just try.

If you are building from cvs, remember that you need the gnome-2-4 branches
of libgnomemm and gconfmm, because HEAD is for gtkmm 2.4. I need to document
the branches properly.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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