[gnomemm] Libpanelappletmm initial cvs import

    The panel applet wrappers have been imported into cvs under gnomemm/libpanelappletmm.
 Work still needs to be done on it; here is the TODO:

0. Documentation, documentation, documentation:
    a) I hate sparsely documented libs/programs/etc. so this will not be a problem
       with my stuff.  Please, if you have doc suggestions, file a bug!  If our
       wording improves on the panel-applet docs, file a bug with the panel-applet
       as well.  If you don't document, you will get an email asking for it :).
    b) If you don't understand wrapping, or simply just want to do documents, please
       out docs/undocumented to see what you can document.  Thank you!

1. Figure out the *_factory_* stuff.  The C calls work; the C++ ones don't.

2. Wrap GdkColor* and GdkPixmap* in the change_background signal.

3. Figure out how to implement panel_applet_gconf_get_list.  Should it be a
   template/inline function?  Probably. There is similar, working, stuff in gconfmm

4. Same thing with panel_applet_gconf_set_list.

So, get hackin and submit bugs so we can make a release :).

-Bryan Forbes

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