[gnomemm] About Canvas and double buffering

I am using the Canvas to display a 600 DPI A4 size Group 4 Tiff.
I am using the Antialiased Canvas and have loaded the file into a pixbuf item.
I have used the AffineTrans class to setup a scaling transformation. And  I use "affine_absolute" function to apply it to the root group of the canvas. The scaling works correctly. But I can see the Image refresh on the screen after the scaling operation. I can see the new view render from top of screen to the bottom.
In case of double buffering, I should see the fully composed view in the new refresh cycle.
I also checked the application Sodipodi.It seems to handle the scaling using the double buffering system and it does not show the refreshing.
Am I missing something in terms of creation and use of canvas?
I hope i have put accross the problem correctly.

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