Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Video device error when local user terminates call...


That is probably a bug in your video driver which would be too slow to
open and close the device.

Le samedi 13 mai 2006 à 01:35 -0400, Neville Chandler a écrit :
> Hello,
> Application:        ekiga-snapshot or ekiga-2.0.1
> kernel:                 2.6.15
> Distribution:        ubuntu breezy
> When a call is terminated locally, "Local user cleared the call", an
> error window always
> pops up, displaying,
> Error while opening video device...
> A moving logo will be transmitted during calls.
> Notice that you can always transmit a given image or the moving logo
> by choosing
> "Picture" as video plugin and "MovingLogo" or "StaticPicture" as
> device.
> There was an error while opening the device. Please check your
> permissions
> and make sure that the appropriate driver is loaded.
> If a delay of approximately 10 seconds is observed before displaying
> images from the
> camera device, then "Successfully opened video device..." is logged.
> If
> the delay is less, then the error window reappears with "Error while
> opening video device..."
> This behavior is repeatable and occurs whenever the local user
> terminates the call.
> It never happens when the remote user terminates.  
> Is this unique to my system?  Has anyone else seen this?
> Neville
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