[GnomeMeeting-list] Leaving video voicemail in Asterisk with Ekiga

Hello all,

I am trying to leave a video voicemail on an Asterisk server using Ekiga.
Asterisk, I believe, has been properly configured for SIP and video.
Specifically, I have set:


And any codec is allowed with:


Ekiga registers correctly with my Asterisk box and I can leave an audio
message without any problems.  If the connecting client supports video then
Asterisk will accept it and record it along with the audio message.  However,
when I do so I get many messages like this in the Asterisk log:

Mar 21 22:02:34 WARNING[2418] translate.c: No translator path from unknown to unknown
Mar 21 22:02:34 WARNING[2418] file.c: Unable to translate to format h263, source format unknown

I have searched through the Asterisk bug database with no luck and I have also
left a message on the Asterisk mailing list but never received a reply.

So, at this point, I'm not really sure if the fault lies with Asterisk or
Ekiga.  In particular, it seems that Asterisk thinks it is receiving an h263
video stream instead of the h261 Ekiga is putting out.

But... Asterisk and Ekiga do seem to agree when initiating the call.  If I add
"disallow=h261" to my sip.conf then I get no video at all as would be

Any ideas what's going on and how I might fix this situation?  Has anybody
else encountered this?  If not, has anybody else using Ekiga+Asterisk
successfully left a video voicemail?  What are your settings?

--John Gruenenfelder    Research Assistant, UMass Amherst student
                        Systems Manager, MKS Imaging Technology, LLC.
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        --Sam of Sam & Max

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