Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga 2.00 release


I am afraid that my comments on ekiga-1.99.1 came a little too
I compiled ekiga-1.99.1 on the SuSE10.0OSS/amd64 platform.
I disabled iax for opal-2.1.3 and avahi for ekiga-1.99.1,
while I enabled memchck for pwlib-1.9.3.

My quick comments are:
(1) I am using usb mic, and a speaker connected to the onboard
audio chip.  Voice, in/out both, is choppy.
(2) ekiga-1.99.1 seems to be a little unstabler than ekiga-1.99.0.

I shall certainly test ekiga-2.0.0 as soon as possible next week.

yoriaki fujimori

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