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Well , just a few days back there was this:

Hi Conrad,

Am Sonntag, den 19.02.2006, 16:12 +0100 schrieb Conrad Beckert:

the Windows Version has been announced quite a few times (last mentioned in the announcement of the Beta2)

Is there a place yet from where I could download a Windows binary? I couldn't find any. BTW - What can one expect from a current Windows Ekiga as far as functionality is concerned? (place a call, video support, stability etc)

I thought I put it on the devel list: (for EU)
or (for US)

whatever is closer to you ;)
I would also suggest you try out openwngo :
though you will have to enter your every time you fire it up.
otherwise you may have here open a free acount with them.


Vince Radice wrote:


My daughter uses LINUX but unfortunately, I cannot switch. I use WINXP. I am trying to get my connection set up again to see my grandkids. I have brought up Netmeeting and I am set to log onto When I look at the directory, there is nothing listed. I have logged on before ( many months ago) so I know I can. I was looking at the gnomemeeting site and saw that the ILS server was down and was to be moved somewhere else. It looks like it was done as the server is back up. There was something I could not understand about how to log on. Can I log on with Netmeeting and still use the site? Do I have to convert to LINUX? Have you ever considered porting this to Windows or MAC?

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