Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga SIP and Windows Messenger

Le dimanche 19 février 2006 à 15:08 -0600, Neil Best a écrit :
> Hi, Damien and everyone on the list.  I have installed the Ekiga Beta 2
> from the Ubuntu repository and have everything working on my system,
> 501 ekiga net test and everything.  The web site give a
> tantalizing indication that I can connect to a Windows Messenger user --
> Is this still true, even with the .NET/Passport login in the latest
> version?  Can you give an example of the necessary settings?  I gave it
> a shot with my XP laptop, but between Messenger settings and router
> ports there were too many variables and I couldn't wrap my brain around
> it.  Thanks for this exciting application!

It should work with Windows Messenger, not MSN Messenger, which is

Here is a short howto:
 1.) Pull down Tools/Options/Accounts
     2. ) Check My contacts include users of a communications Service.
     3. ) click advanced
     4. ) Check Configure settings
     5. ) fill in the address/name of
     6. )Check Protocol UDP. Click OK.
     7. ) In sign-in name put <account>
     8. ) Click O.K.

Calling out
To make outgoing calls: 

     1. ) click the bubble arrow (I want to...) that points up at the
        bottom of your contact window.
     2. )click Start a Voice Conversation
     3. )click other
     4. )In the <enter e-mail address> field put the contact
        you wish to call.
     5. )Change the �Service:� Communications Service.
     6. )click ok
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