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The problem is likely your volume control settings. Your mike is probably set to be monitored on the speakers but not recored from. Try turning up the mike's *record* volume, and selecting the mike as the input device for recording.

If you can't find where to adjust those settings, and you're using alsa, try alsamixer, a command-line mixer that (sometimes) gives you more options than certain GUI tools.

El sáb, 01-04-2006 a las 20:09 +0100, Leon Stringer escribió:

I'm new to Ekiga and am having some trouble. The main problem is that
audio capture doesn't work.

If I run through the First Time druid on the Audio Devices page there's
a Test Settings option. I speak into the mic but don't hear anything
back. I assume the colored bar is some sort of VU meter but it doesn't
show anything.

But if I blow at the mic I hear it on the speakers so I guess it's
connected correctly?

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? I'd love to get this going.

Ekiga 2.0.1/Fedora Core 5. The input and output devices are both shown
as Intel 82801DB-ICH4.

Thanks in advance,


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