[GnomeMeeting-list] cannot get called was: other gatekeeper for pc-to-phone thandefault?

Hi Damien,   
thanks for your answer, i missed that, after enabling the pc-to-phone option,   
it also reconfigured my central h.323 configuration. After resetting the IP to  

the telephone system it works, and I can dial out. But I am unable to recieve   
a call.   
the following is the debugging output from gnomemeeting when recieving a call:  
2005/09/27 14:36:31.024   0:12.150        H323 Listener:8389f98 H323TCP   
Started connection:  host=::ffff:, if=,   
2005/09/27 14:36:31.024   0:12.150          H225 Answer:83af0f8 H225      
Started incoming call thread   
2005/09/27 14:36:31.025   0:12.151          H225 Answer:83af0f8 H225      
Awaiting first PDU   
2005/09/27 14:36:46.024   0:27.150          H225 Answer:83af0f8 H225    Failed  

to get initial Q.931 PDU, connection not started.   
I get a "the person you have dialled is temporarily not available"...  
any suggestions where to look? the firewall is off.  
kind regards  
Sebastian Reitenbach            Tel.: ++49-(0)3381-8904-305      
RapidEye AG                     Fax: ++49-(0)3381-8904-101      
Friedrich-Franz-Str. 19         e-mail:reitenbach rapideye de       
D-14770 Brandenburg             web:http://www.rapideye.de 

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