[GnomeMeeting-list] Peculiar sound behaviour

I recently had a bad crash and had to reinstall just about everything.  In so 
doing I noticed something peculiar about GM.  SUSE apparently does not 
recognise the microphone in my webcamera automatically.  Before noticing 
this, I installed GM, ran the configuration wizard, selecting the USB 
microphone from my camera, and ran the audio test successfully.

Yet when I tried to conduct an audio test on h323 voxgratia org nothing would 
be recorded and played back.  (I find voxgratia to be somewhat flaky, so I 
can't swear that the problem does not lie there).  After some digging around, 
I noticed that proc/asound only reported 1 sound card.  After installing the 
second sound card (webcam) manually I found that I could now record and play 
back from voxgratia.  I'm curious to know why the wizard would recognise my 
microphone while GM itself doesn't appear to.


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