Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems with stv680 webcam in gnomemeeting

Hi Raphael,

> I am new to gnomemeeting and i have some trouble to get my webcam
> working with gnomemeeting.
> When i plug in the cam, the driver is loaded and i can use xawtv
> without any trouble. gnomemeeting detects the cam during startup
> "gnomemeeting Detected the following video input devices:
> /dev/video0,/dev/video0 with plugin V4L2" but gives me an "Error while
> loading video device /dev/video0".
> Any hints?

you seem to have upgraded from Sarge which had an error in the Depends.
Just install "libpt-plugins-v4l" and it should work just nicely.

Best regards,

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