[GnomeMeeting-list] Decentralized MCU

Hi all,
  I am having a doubt regarding the Decentralized MCU.
  In decentralized case suppose  I call the MC. then control/audio/video channels will be created with the MC. But I want that audio/video channel should be established with the other endoints. So here what I can do is that that I'll have the audio/video channels with MC itself, but MC will not process the data , it will just act as a reflecter and all the data will be sent to each outgoing audio/video channel and its the bearer's capability (actaully endpoint's ) to mix the data.
Please correct me if I am wrong. If other way is there then please tell me.
Here I did some experimenting in which I succedded to open only control channel by not allowing the audio and video channels to open. So can this act as a starting point for me.

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