Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Which webcam..?

I think littletux already answered that question yesterday...

Le mardi 24 mai 2005 à 09:37 +0000, Thomas Kraus-Rump a écrit :
> Hi!
> could someone be so friendly (if possible) communicate me the attitudes
> of its webcam "Philips - ToUcam Pro";
> (i mean the loaded modules i.e,) cause my volume control for gnome is no
> more reachable after starting the computer with that camera, also i
> don't know, in this constallation, how to enable the audio micro
> function in gnomemeeting. Video seems ok.
> (Think a few days ago i had send a similar question to this group but
> haven't found a solution in the meantime, so this will be my last
> operation to make work ... if it's so i'm sorry for any disturbance.)
> Regards          --Thomas Rump
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