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Le vendredi 25 mars 2005 à 00:48 +0900, Kalin Kozhuharov a écrit :
>Damien Sandras wrote:
>> Le jeudi 24 mars 2005 à 00:19 +0900, Kalin Kozhuharov a écrit :
>>>Damien Sandras wrote:
>>>>He tells you can pay through PayPal (paypal dreamtime net).
>>>>>>Thanks Kilian and Damien, I upgraded to 1.2.1 and
>>>>>>checked out, but I'm in Japan and they
>>>>>>didn't accept my credit card payment :( (they say that
>>>>>>foreign card users should expect it)
>>>Hmm, intresting, my Sumitomo VISA was accepted without a problem a 
>>>month ago (I am in Sapporo, Japan as well).
>> If you have remarks about the service quality, feel free to publish them
>> here.
>Well, I'd like to, but so far I am unable to connect (Gatekeeper 
>registration failed: transport error). On a few occasions that I did 
>(a few recompiles ago?) I got "Insufficient bandwidth". Will keep 
>trying for some time...


Try 1.2.1, and make sure your NAT is ok!
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