[GnomeMeeting-list] PC-to-phone with Iconnecthere.com

Hi, I'm new to this list (indeed I'm new to linux, new
to Gnomemeeting...), so I'd appreciate your -very- 
basic explanations ;)

First, I'd like to use the Pc to phone capability to
call my grandma, who is 86 and there's no human
powerful enough to put her on a messenger-like
session. I've been using iconnecthere.com from win98,
so now with gnomemeeting I thought it'd be a breeze to
do just same. The problem is that the
www.linuxjack.com website seems to be down, and both
gnomemeeting and microtelco direct me there (also, by
looking at the page cached by yahoo, it seems to me I
would need some hardware? Is that true?). I read a
post here that said that i could use any other
provider, if i knew the gateway and if it had free
codecs (you please excuse my ignorance, but I'd thank
a for-kids explanation of this). Now, I checked in
iconnecthere and they say they don't support linux,
but redirected me to www.theKompany.com.

I don't want to have many programs for may purposes,
so I wanted to ask if anybody here can guide me on
what to do... can I use the iconnect account from
gnomemeeting? how can i open an account with
linuxjack? will I finally be forced to download an use
the theKompany's software?



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