[GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting 1.2 / FC3 / PWC - USB timeout

Hi all

Following up on my previous

I now have GM 1.2 working very well on Fedora Core 3 (gui = KDE) with
my Philips 840 webcam.... the image is excellent/crystal clear  &
audio is ok (comme ci comme ca). I did the port forwarding and ip
translation to get it all working (h.245, listening port *and* RTP as
explained in the faq).
I'm talking to a NetMeeting client as well :D, although they can't call me.

but... after a random amount of time, video freezes then I either get
a abnormal call termination message or gm crashes. A quick look in
/var/log/messages shows ..

... kernel: usb 3-1: control timeout on ep0out
... miso kernel: usb 3-1: control timeout on ep0in
... kernel: pwc Closing video device: 3865 frames received, dumped 6
frames, 0 frames with errors.

I'm running kernel 2.6.9-1.667

Does anyone else get this problem? A look around the web suggests that
the USB driver may be at fault. I'm considering a Kernel upgrade as
their have apparently been a few fixes in 2.6.10 to USB.

Any ideas... If I can get this working I won't have to boot into XP any more...


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