[GnomeMeeting-list] PC-to-Phone troubles; debugging


I am trying out the new v1.2 on my Gentoo laptop...
So far, I could speak to and see (no cam here) other gnomemeeting
users after setting up my firewall/NAT box properly.

However I couldn't use the PC-to-Phone part... I registered (from
gnomemeeting), payd for the account and have my details mailed. They
looked like:

Your login name:	something
Your password:		someotherthing
Your Account Id:	55555
Your Pin Code:		121212121212
<faked of course>

So, I entered "Your Account Id" under "Account number" and "Your Pin
Code" under "Pin", cheched the chek box and hit OK. (BTW, hitting
Apply freezes gnomemeeting 100% reproduceable).

Looking in the General History window:

00:43:55 Started GnomeMeeting 1.2.0 for user kalin
00:43:55 Opening video device StaticPicture with plugin Picture
00:43:56 Successfully opened video device StaticPicture, channel 0
00:43:57 Set STUN server to stun.voxgratia.org (Cone NAT)
00:43:59 Updated information on ils.seconix.com
00:44:04 Gatekeeper registration failed: transport error
00:44:22 Unregistered from gatekeeper
DtrOpenH323GK 62 4 81 186 not updated dreamtime net
00:44:50 Fast Start enabled
00:44:50 H.245 Tunneling enabled
00:44:50 Early H.245 enabled
00:44:57 Gatekeeper registration failed: transport error
00:45:12 Unregistered from gatekeeper
DtrOpenH323GK 62 4 81 186 not updated dreamtime net

<tried twice>

Any idea what is this "transport error" and how can I debug it?

`gnomemeeting -d 4` does not produce any output in the console...
The binary is stripped on install, but I doubt this matters.

Stracing constantly communicating bunch of processes is not helpful
as well...

/ callto:ils.seconix.com/kalin thinrope net /

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