Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gm and dlink router with NAT

He James.
Did you compile from source? Where did you download it from?
Using FC3 here..

James Ellis wrote:


This is my first post here....

I'm trying to set up gnomemeeting (1.02) on my FC3 box, this has gone
ok and the program has picked up my Cam - a PWC 840 - and Microphone
I believe the firewall on my dlink router (724) is cauing some
problems.. does anyone have any knowledge of how to transpose the port
information available in the gm website FAQ to the dlink configuration
(I've tried and failed) ?

Dlink suggest that the box be placed in the "DMZ" - outside the
firewall but I don't think that is a suitable answer.

Thanks and cheers
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