Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] A questiong on Gnomemeeting

Hi Kilian,

> YATE is the "proxy" in this scenario. And most
> probably you'll have less
> headache running it on a remote host or vserver to
> not
> interfere/conflict with the GM listener ports.
> So, yes, i was pointing to that page. But i guess
> details is to be
> discussed best with the YATE team. Eventually
> Asterisk or Aefirion will
> also be able to help you on. 
> OTOH, GnomeMeeting2-CVS does have SIP support. Thus
> if all you need is
> SIP, then that might be another valid option.

I think SIP is not so important because the speaker
will use fixed line for broadcasting/talk.  What I
worry is whether "Gnomemeeting" can view video
broadcasting from the server/"Web Seminar".  So my
theosophy is if "Gnomemeeting" can communicate
"Livemeeting".  Then "Gnomemeeting" can communicate
the "Web Seminar"/server.


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