Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] [OT] Your favourite Open-Source projects

Hi Jan,

Hereinunder is my reply to your questionnair

> I know this is Off-Toppic, but I want to know your
> favourite Open-Source projects!
> 1. Gnomemeeting
My current favourite project

> 2. ReactOS
> 3. x264

I have no idea of these two projects.  I'll have a
look on them later.

> 4. MPlayer
I used it once about 3~4 years ago.

> 5. Wine
I also used this simulator about 5~6 years ago.  At
that time not many applications running on Linux/Unix
environment.  However not all M$Windows applications
can run on it.  Vmware, Win4lin and Crossover are
similar products but being proprietory application.

Stephen Liu

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