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Selon Julien PUYDT <jpuydt free fr>:

> Jan Schiefer a écrit :
> > But we can see WHY it EXACTLY crashed.
> If it's linked to the wrong pwlib version for example, you won't see
> anything ;-)
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Sorry for delay.
Remember the problem :
I have some big problems here.
I use Mandriva LE2005 with Pentium4.
NoSMP at boot time.
HDa Intel sound recognised and module loaded, with ALSA.
Logitech Pro4000 with pwc driver and dkms-pwc mandriva package.

As soon as I launch a sound test in configuration wizard, gnomemeeting crashes :
L'application « gnomemeeting » a quitté inopinément.

Vous pouvez informer les développeurs de ce qui vient d'arriver pour les aider à
résoudre le problème. Ou vous pouvez redémarrer l'application maintenant.

When launched in a console, I get :
Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x8145)!

I shall try and get more debug info.
But If you can help, many thx.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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