[GnomeMeeting-list] How to make multi-party Audio/Vedio/Text conference?


As an end user of GM, I have some confusions.

Does Gnomemeeting support multi-party voice or video or text chatting, rather than the default point-to-point mode?

In Microsoft Netmeeting, multi-party voice or text chatting are available, but video communication is point-to-point. It seems that even simple multi-party text chatting cannot be supported by GM. Is it right? Since I have made the 
following test by using GM:
Step 1. Firstly, two PCs (a and b)are connected by GM and audio/video transferring is ok. 
Step 2. A new connection from another PC (c) tries to connect either a or b, it is told the remote party is busy and the 
    connection is failed.

Rather, if I do the same test on Microsoft Netmeeting, all three PCs will be connected. And they can chat to each other or all. I think this is more reasonable for a "conference" application. 

So I draw a conclusion rashly maybe, GM is point-to-point application rather than a "conference" application.

I hope I am wrong. If I am wrong, then how should I use GM to realize multi-party conferencing?

Best Regards,

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