[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Register as Gnomemeeting-User

Le mercredi 23 février 2005 à 17:53 +0100, Peter K. Martin a écrit :
> Am Montag, 14. Februar 2005 20:25 schrieben Sie:
> > Mmmh well, I can not cut and paste the manual here. Basically, you have
> > to go in preferences, Directory Settings, check that enable registering
> > is checked.
> Hi Damien,
> the first time I followed your advices, I got the content of ILS adressbook. 
> But now I am not able to reach it a second time, although I enabled at 
> Directory Settings registering.

No idea about this one, if the IP address doesn't change, I don't
understand why it doesn't register you, nobody ever reported that.

Perhaps you are using special chars in the

> One question - I beg your pardon - what is a NAT gateway and what is to be  
> configured by me?

A NAT gateway is when you have a computer or a router sharing your
connection for several other computers. You have to configure it
accordingly to the FAQ.

> Peter
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