Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Suse 9.2 packages?

At the end of the month, we plan to release 1.2.1. I hope that we will
have SuSE 9.2 packages for that moment, but I can not promise it.

The person doing the packs is in exams, and SuSE is not doing them
themselves. The same goes for RedHat. People are downloading packs from
unknown sources on the web, they are untested, then they report crashes
and problems.

Le vendredi 04 février 2005 à 09:16 +0000, Steve a écrit :
> Oh no! I didn't mean to trigger pointless,
> time-wasting arguments about one product/approach over
> another! I was just making a polite enquiry about
> whether Suse 9.2 packages could be coming.
> I'm happy to have a go at building a Suse 9.2 rpm. No
> promises that I will succeed, mind... Can someone
> point me at some instructions? 
> Steve
> Dundee, UK
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