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Hello Yoriaki,

First of all, GM 1.1 is not an official release, it is a pure CVS
release that never existed outside of CVS.

However, I do not understand your problem, there is for me no reason why
a soundcard could start "sleeping" except if it is a laptop.

Can you describe what happens?

Le mercredi 20 avril 2005 à 16:06 +0900, Yoriaki FUJIMORI a écrit :
> Dear listers,
> This is not necessary GM issue, but in my view GM might be
> most affected by this.  So, let me ask here.
> I am running SuSE9.2 based pc with intelICH4 and usb audio.
> It is almost unmanned, and I plan to run GM1.1 on it 24h for some
> reasons.
> In my experience, if the audio systems are run 24 hours,
> they start sleeping---either mic or speaker or both do not
> work with GM.  Even if I acctivate alsasound via remote
> access with vncserver/vncviewer, then GM does not grub the
> mic/speaker.  The same is true with usb sound systems.
> This is probably the matter of drivers or I misconfigured
> mixers; GM may be working well.
> I am thinking of plugging another sound card to a PCI bus.
> If anyone of you is running GM in a similar situation with success,
> please let me know.
> Thanks for your attention.
> yoriaki fujimori
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