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Le vendredi 08 avril 2005 à 09:25 -0400, ajtiM a écrit :

> > Cone NAT is perfect. But you can not enable "all" in NAT settings, only
> > STUN, not IP Translation.
> I corrected.

> > And can you describe what that problem is?
> > What happens when you call Do you hear the
> > prerecorded message or not?
> I i call  i hear prerecorded message, but when i call a user i 
> get for MS Netmeeting users message that user is unreachable and for 
> Gnomemeeting users that user is offline. For no nobody callec me except my 
> brother who has a Netmeeting and he said that he get a message that i am 
> unreachable.

The problem seems to be on the Netmeeting's side, or the vogratia test
wouldn't work.

Other GnomeMeeting users are possibly offline, there is a 20 minutes

I suggest you to go on IRC, in the GM channel and ask for a live test.
Please be patient, Johnny will most probably be the one to test with you
if he is present.
 _      Damien Sandras
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